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The development and design house of Charles Phillips

Hi, I'm Charles, I work at the intersection of people and technology. I am a founder at Visom Technology, Inc.. I created ElBorrachoJS, the complete rock-solid job queue package for NodeJS. I specialize in combining design with cross-platform and cross-language code.
  1. 2017

    1. Custom Nodejs e-commerce store with distributor integration
    2. SaaS Salesforce app MVP
  2. 2016

    1. ElBorrachoJS, UI+API for Bull NodeJS job queue
    2. ten-ply-crest, NodeJS client lib for Let'sEncrypt
    3. Compile ArangoDB on Solaris/SmartOS
  3. 2015

    1. hashicorp/consul and hashicorp/vault included into pkgsrc
    2. Founding, NLP summaries of 10-K filings
    3. Control raises seed round of 1.5MM CAD
  4. 2014

    1. Control places 2nd, Cascadia Summit
    2. IPInsetLabel, iOS Cocoapod
    3. CTLInsetTextField
    4. Joined Control as Co-founder and CTO
    5. nvram-cfg-parser, TomatoUSB router firmware cfg to/from JSON
  5. 2013

    1. Shelving Configurator web app for touch devices
    2. Next Origin launched
    3. PIXI.js Playground, WebGL/Canvas in-browser live editor
    4. JS/Native Hybrid Brightcove SDK Video Player for Titanium Mobile, iOS+Android
    5. Android lead, iOS development for NBC/Telemundo apps
    6. iOS/Android app development for Logistik Group, UK
  6. 2012

    1. Mobile Payment app MVP, iOS+Android
    2. TigerJS MVC framework for Titanium Mobile